Science is Art


An evolution of industry  influenced by sustainable sustainability in skincare. Mma (Nature) is the ultimate scientist, we are the artists inspired by her work to create a lifestyle of consciousness in self-care products. Why? So that our environment can continue to support our human desire for health, vitality, and well being, purposefully. 


Our journey is to transform the rigid world of science into something that’s undeniably cool and approachable. We’re pioneers in offering science-backed ingredients and skincare, ensuring safe and sustainable production across various applications. Our commitment to SDG-aligned procurement, technical consultancy, and responsible sourcing is at the core of everything we do.

Who We’ve Worked With

Personal Care Industry Consultancy Services

Step into a world where science, luxury, and innovation converge to create applications that leave a lasting impact, by delivering safe and sustainable solutions for our clients, consumers, and our planet.

Talk to us regarding your next product development project and our available personal care services.

Fine Chemical Ingredients Sourcing Services

We offer to the manufacturing industry, science-backed fine chemicals and ingredients for the safe and sustainable production of various applications and products. Industries applicable include Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, and Home Care.

Who We Work With

We Care

At Alta, we’re more than a beauty and cosmetics brand. We’re a journey that intertwines science, art, sustainability, and you. Here’s why your well-being, uniqueness, and impact matter to us:

Eco-Friendly Wellness

Prioritizing your well-being and the planet’s health, Alta’s eco-friendly ingredients make your beauty rituals sustainable and caring.

Global Impact

With a heart for communities worldwide, Alta’s products reflect a passion for positive socio-economic upliftment.

Transparency & Trust

Alta values your trust, practicing transparency in ingredients and processes for a confident, caring beauty experience.

Customized Care

Alta crafts tailored solutions for your unique needs, ensuring a personalized beauty journey that truly cares about you.

Empowered Consumer

Beyond products, Alta empowers you through purpose-driven education, enabling informed choices aligned with your values.

Sustainable Sustainability

Join Alta in shaping a beautiful, sustainable future where science and art unite, reflecting a shared commitment to positive change.

Discover Our Elemental Elegance

The human dreams of Vitality, Health, and Well being, and aspires to appease these desires. Our vision as the African is to see enjoyment of nourishing premium skincare regardless of skin type. Through simple science we add to the art of beauty and well being,

Purposefully, Sustainably.